Discrepancy Finder Tool

Welcome to the Discrepancy Finder Tool. Please follow the steps below to process your file:

  1. Click 'Choose File' to upload your CSV or Excel file. Ensure that the first row in your CSV or Excel file contains the column names.
  2. After uploading the file, select the desired runtime from the dropdown menu. This will approximately be how long the discrepancy algorithm will run for in minutes.
  3. In the column selection dropdown, select the columns that correspond to categorical variables. Columns that do not consist entirely of numerical values will be checked by default and cannot be unchecked. However, other columns can be toggled on and off.
  4. Click 'Submit' to process your file. Please be patient as this may take some time. Once processing is complete, you will be redirected to a download page where you can download the processed CSV file. The outputted coloring will be displayed under the new column name "Group." Each entry will be either a "A" or a "B", representing the coloring used to distinguish between the two groups.
The discrepancy algorithm will attempt to find a coloring such that the sum of each characteristic's values in each group is approximately equal. This website is a work in progress created by Deyuan Li under the guidance of Professor Daniel Spielman.